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Resident Stories

    Success Stories – Rose

    Rose needed help preparing her resume and finding employment. She and her Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) discussed the various aspects of a resume and how to make it look professional and inviting for employers. The[...]

    Master Chef – Skinesha

    Skinesha came into her local community center initially to seek assistance with employment. In a discussion, she revealed her passion for cooking. She dreamed of becoming a master chef. After completing assessments, her [...]

    Rainbow Scholar – Garrett

    Garrett deserves credit for his achievement. In early March 2020, Garrett responded to a Resident Survey form which his RSC had left (as they had for all residents) on his door. He specifically requested information rega[...]

    Youth Making a Difference – Santana

    Santana, at age 10 in fourth grade, recently transitioned with her mother and sister from homelessness to permanent housing. Her mother shared that Santana passionately discussed the effects the pandemic had on their liv[...]

    Scholar Successes – Lisette

    Lisette was a spring 2019 Rainbow Scholar completing an intense premedical post-baccalaureate program at the University of California-San Diego, with plans on applying to medical school the following June. Her dream job [...]

    Scholar Successes – Diana

    Diana is extremely appreciative of her Rainbow Scholarship which goes toward her tuition at Albany State University in Georgia. She says, without the Rainbow Scholarship, she would not have been able to attend college at[...]

    Rachelle Maple: In Her Own Words

    Partnering in low-income affordable housing as a General Partner offers an opportunity to impact lives in intangible ways. Rachelle Maple is an example of the power of resident services in collaboration with quality, aff[...]

    Tie Me a Future | Pledge Video

    Tie Me a Future is a Rainbow proprietary youth program which focuses on transforming self-image, guiding personal thought processes, impacting life choices, and leveraging leadership skills.

    Mr. Spires – Rainbow Services Beneficiary

    Rainbow knows financial literacy is the cornerstone to a stable future and is a pillar in its service-enriched housing model. Mr. Spires is a resident at a Rainbow-served community and shares his story about how job read[...]

    Rainbow’s Youth Reach for the Stars

    Somaj Moore sits down with his father to discuss how Rainbow’s afterschool program has helped him with his homework and fueled a desire to one day become an astronaut.

    Expanding Educational Horizons

    How many times do we tell ourselves, “I am too old for that.”, or “I will get around to doing that tomorrow.”? Now, how many of us look back on our education and say those exact same words? Rainbow would like to introduc[...]

    Youth Learning Labs = Success

    Dyslexia is a term which is often stigmatized and is a learning disorder characterized by difficulty in reading and processing written and spoken communication. Many youth diagnosed with this learning disorder simply fal[...]

    Educational Fundraiser: Applicant Stories

    In 2013, Rainbow launched a program in the low-income communities it serves to help connect the residents to educational opportunities by helping fund those endeavors. This program, envisioned by Rainbow’s Board of Direc[...]

    2013 Success Stories

    Rainbow completed its presentation of 2013 activities to its Board of Directors. Included in this report was a sampling of success stories from across the country highlighting the benefits that Rainbow’s service-enriched[...]

    Community Helping Youth Prepare for School

    With back-to-school events in full swing, Rainbow’s Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) at a Rainbow-served Texas apartment complex brought school preregistration to the community. Residents attending nearby Summit High [...]

    Traveling Naturalist Youth Program in Houston

    On January 11, 2012, the youth of Haverstock Hills in Houston, Texas took part in an educational program designed to teach them about a large group of reptiles. Naturalist Ana Anita-Cherry from the Traveling Naturalist P[...]