Traveling Naturalist Youth Program in Houston

On January 11, 2012, the youth of Haverstock Hills in Houston, Texas took part in an educational program designed to teach them about a large group of reptiles. Naturalist Ana Anita-Cherry from the Traveling Naturalist Program brought along with her several animals for the youth to view up close.


The Traveling Naturalist has been a repeat program which began coming onsite the previous year. 30 youth were in attendance to learn about and interact with snakes, scorpions, rats, alligators, tarantulas, and leaping lizards – all under the professional supervision of the Traveling Naturalist staff.


The program also taught the youth about the environment, the animal’s behaviors, and the various habitats the animals occupy.


As a follow-up, Rainbow’s Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) scheduled a day during the summer months where the youth may explore one of the Traveling Naturalist’s parks, providing a hands-on experience.


The Traveling Naturalist Program presented by Harris County Precinct One, is an exciting educational program which brings nature to life.


Designed to enhance the curriculum of science and biology classes, the goal of the Traveling Naturalist Program is to establish an understanding of the natural world and its inhabitants. Participation in the entire Traveling Naturalist series ensures a broad understanding of various habitats and characteristics. Students learn to appreciate nature and their environment by interacting with exotic and native animals. The sessions are designed to meet varying needs for class sizes, ages, and schedules. Call the Learning Center for a list of fees and policies, then select a Traveling Naturalist session which is most appropriate for your onsite visit. The program is an exciting way to build understanding and awaken the natural curiosity of young minds.


To learn more about the variety of programming, visit the Harris County Precinct One website.