Technology For All Awards Rainbow Computer Equipment Grant

Technology For All, a nonprofit organization located in Houston Texas, has chosen five Rainbow-served communities to receive computers and other related equipment through their grant giving process. Over the past month, Rainbow communities have been making preparations for receiving the equipment including setting up computer lab space, acquiring computer desks and chairs, as well as working with the property management staff on fulfilling the various requirements. When all of the equipment shipped, Technology for All sent out their own specialists to set up and configure the computers. The work was completed this month and the labs are all up and running. Below are some pictures of the various installations.

Organizations applying for grants are in for a rigorous process, proving that there is ample human resources, space, and bandwidth at the community to support the equipment. As part of the grantee process, Technology for All also requires that usage be recorded and reported back.

“Technology For All and the Texas Connects Coalition is pleased to say that we have made tremendous strides in enhancing over 70 public computer centers across Texas by providing computer access, technical support, and digital literacy to vulnerable populations. We could not have done this without the support of partners like Rainbow Housing. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue our support of afterschool programs in Houston communities at Emerald Bay, Shadow Ridge, Champion, and Sweetwater Learning Centers. We are looking forward to a very exciting 2012 as we “empower communities” through the use of Technology.” – Pamela J. Gardner, Director of Houston Operations Technology For All, Inc.



[blockquote]Technology For All’s mission is to empower under-resourced communities through the tools of technology. We do this by partnering with local community organizations, educational institutions, corporations, foundations, and technology providers in the public and private sector. As we work together we create educational, economic, and personal opportunities for under-served, vulnerable persons and the communities in which they live.[/blockquote]




Rainbow Resident Services Coordinators will leverage the technology to benefit residents in a number of ways. A few examples include using the computers to help residents connect to jobs by conducting online searches, writing resumes, and corresponding with potential employers. Having all of the computers internet accessible means that residents may now take full advantage of Rainbow’s Online Learning Portal teaching such life-skills as fire safety, housekeeping, and becoming more familiar with the Microsoft Office suite software.

The five communities that received the computer equipment were all part of the Centerline-owned launch that occurred at the end of last year. Those communities include:

  • Champion Townhomes on the Green
  • Emerald Bay
  • Shadow Ridge
  • Sweetwater Point
  • Villas on Winkler

You may find out more about Technology For All on their website or by following them on Twitter.