Resident Health a Top Priority at Caswyck Trail

On April 10, 2012, Caswyck Trail apartments hosted a health fair for its residents. Organized by Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation’s (Rainbow) Resident Services Coordinators (RSCs) and onsite were instructors from the WellStar School of Nursing at Kennesaw State University, a member of the University System of Georgia, to conduct a variety of screenings and make referrals. Leveraging a long-standing relationship with the nurse practitioners and doctors who are the instructors at Kennesaw State University, Rainbow’s RSC Barbara Johnson was able to arrange for the event to be held at the community. Between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., over 50 residents received screenings, counseling, and referrals. This health fair is the second of three that will happen this year; having already held a “Focus on Women” fair in February and preparing for a “Back-to-School” fair in August, before the start of the school year.

The following screenings were available to residents:

  • Mental Health
  • HIV/AIDS (with results available in 15 minutes and available onsite)
  • Blood Pressure/Hypertension
  • Blood Sugar (glucose)
  • Cancer Risk
  • Cold and Flu

As well, residents had access to doctors Vanessa Robinson-Dooley and Quinton Nichols, both professors at the University, for one-on-one reviews of the health assessment based on the questionnaire that each completed as they went to the various stations at the fair. A particular area of focus was making residents aware of necessary changes to live healthier lives and where additional information could be found. This personal counseling also included any necessary referrals to specialists and facilities to do follow-up testing and treatment. Referral information was also provided to the Rainbow staff so that they may follow-up directly with the resident and doctor, ensuring that healthy lifestyle changes are incorporated into future programming.

In addition, WellStar School of Nursing made its partnership with Walmart available to residents. Through this partnership, residents have access to discounted prescriptions making necessary medication affordable.

[blockquote]Access to medical professionals and preventative screenings is critical to overall health of the residents that Rainbow serves. Our RSCs build bridges to various types of resources in the communities in which they operate, ensuring access for all. If your community may benefit from bridges to health care and other critical services, call (480) 719-7498 for a customized plan.[/blockquote]

About the WellStar School of Nursing
The WellStar School of Nursing has a fast-track history in 45 years of moving from an associate degree nursing program in a rural setting north of Atlanta to a university-based program offering advanced degrees in the fast-growing northwest corridor along I-75. Students come from all corners of Georgia as well as other states and countries and their graduates are employed primarily by the world-class medical facilities of Atlanta, the medically underserved regions of the Southeast, and the United States military.