Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation Empowers Women in Underserved Communities with “Return on Female Ingenuity”

Service-enriched housing programs impacting female heads of households

As International Women’s Day is approaching on March 8, we’d like to highlight the work that Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation is doing for women nationwide. 

Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow) is a nonprofit organization that provides service-enriched housing programs for residents of affordable and market-rate rental housing communities throughout the nation. As many of Rainbow’s service recipients are single mothers, preservation of quality and affordable housing for families are achieved by stabilizing communities through the development and implementation of resident programs and services.

2019’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”.  Rainbow contributes to the cause with their Return on Female Ingenuity (ROIf) program tailored specifically to female heads of households. The program enhances education and employability for women while capitalizing on their creative and inventive abilities, utilizing these skills in today’s economic environment. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide participants the means to attain financial security and stability.

Just as International Women’s Day focuses on innovative ways to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women, Return on Female Ingenuity (ROIf) focuses on the following:

  • Transforming self-image
  • Guiding personal thought processes
  • Impacting life choices
  • Leveraging leadership skills

International Women’s Day also calls for a time to reflect on progress made, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in many communities. For over ten years, Flynann Janisse, executive director of Rainbow has supported the national operations of the award-winning Resident Services Division of Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation, including the asset management for their extensive affordable housing portfolio. Janisse has 33 years’ experience managing these types of assets with an emphasis on the development and implementation of social service programs for service-enriched affordable housing. 

For more information on the Return on Female Ingenuity (ROIf) program or to schedule an interview with Flynann, please contact Farida Waquar (farida@hoytorg.com) or Bill Hess (bhess@hoytorg.com) at The Hoyt Organization at 310-373-0103.


About Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation:

Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow) is a nonprofit organization that provides service-enriched housing programs for residents of rental housing communities throughout the country. With award-winning services available throughout the United States, Rainbow seeks to create and preserve quality, affordable housing for families and individuals of diverse ethnic, social and economic backgrounds.