Providing Basics to Those in Need

At Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow), we know that sometimes the access to basic needs may make a tremendous difference when helping a family or individual out of crisis.

Giving the Basics does this by focusing on human dignity products that are often not covered through other assistance programs or readily available at neighborhood pantries.

These basics include, among other things: deodorant, shampoo, toilet paper, diapers, and soap. To date they have distributed over 430,000 such products to pantries in Kansas and Missouri. Donations are collected in a central warehouse then volunteers come to sort out items that have been requested by various pantries throughout the metro area. Giving the Basics does all of this at no charge to the pantries and has signed 60 partners on to help serve its mission.

Specifically, Rainbow has formed a partnership with Giving the Basics that provides these dignity items to families in need at Delavan Townhomes. Rainbow began providing services to the youth of the community in early 2013 then expanded its role later that year to help the adult population get connected to services required to keep them in their homes. “At Rainbow, we know that any unexpected expense can toss a family’s budget into turmoil. From a flat tire to a day sick from work, these circumstances can spell disaster for the residents we serve. Giving the Basics provides more than soap and toilet paper, they give residents the breathing room needed to be able to maintain their housing and critical needs,” said Rainbow Executive Director Flynann Janisse.

One of the first things that Rainbow reviews with a resident facing eviction is their financial situation. Our Resident Services Coordinators look at everything from lightening the cost burden in other areas to helping find gainful employment. In combination, Rainbow’s award-winning service-enriched housing model can accomplish its goal of connecting that resident to much needed assistance, in turn being able to pay that month’s rent. Giving the Basics allows for those residents in crisis to alleviate the stress and concern that comes with wondering how to provide the basic needs at home.

President of Giving the Basics, Teresa Hamilton, said this about its partnership with Rainbow:

[blockquote]”Giving the Basics will never be able to determine the need, but we can do our best to be ready when it comes. Our goal is to help the locations we serve be successful at absorbing the pain and bringing hope and opportunities forward for those who come knocking on their doors.”[/blockquote]






About Giving the Basics

Everyone deserves basic human dignity products. Some of your friends and neighbors may need our products during hard times in their lives. They may not want to ask for assistance because they may not want to expose the depth of their hardships; however, Giving the Basics wants to be sure human dignity products are available whenever needs occur.


About Rainbow
Rainbow’s mission is to create and preserve quality, affordable housing for families and individuals of diverse ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds; while supporting their well-being through the delivery of onsite social services programs.