Coordinators Receive Expert Job Coach Training

As Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow) continues to grow, the professional development of the Resident Services Coordinators (RSC) is critical to the continued effectiveness of the award-winning programming provided. RSCs recently had the opportunity to sharpen their skills as job coaches, learning from subject matter expert Robert J. Sherwood. A Kansas City native, Mr. Sherwood is a business consultant, author of over 10 books, decorated entrepreneur, college professor, expert witness, and job coach.

Mr. Sherwood provided a one-hour training for Rainbow’s RSCs based on his book A Basic Guide to Job Hunting in order to better equip them to help residents find employment. The focus of the training was to teach a job seeker how to find employment in the new job market. The economy has impacted individuals of all pay grades; however, low-income individuals have been particularly negatively affected. Rainbow’s mission to preserve affordable housing communities includes connecting residents to resources, including those such as job training and placement that promote self-sufficiency.

Specifically, Mr. Sherwood presented the best practices for a conducting a job search. Establishing a routine that revolves around productive behaviors may positively influence other aspects in resident’s lives including matters concerning the family budget or education. More information about this book may be found at the end of this post.

As part of the training, all of the RSCs received a copy of the book to reference as they implement these practices in the communities they serve. The book is a great resource for both job seeker and job coach providing specific steps to ensure success and the importance of helping others.

You may learn more about Mr. Sherwood on his website or on Twitter.

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A Basic Guide to Job Hunting overview:

This is not your father’s job hunting book. It is a basic guide with new ideas, concepts, and ways of looking for and finding a job. Whether you are 21 or 71, there is something here that will make your job hunt more successful. I guarantee it. It is likely that most people in a career today will have to change jobs and perhaps even careers several times throughout their working life. We are living, working, and job hunting longer–which will be the norm rather than the exception. This Basic Guidebook is written with the current employment situation and future employment directions with that in mind.

This guide takes you into the strategy of a good job search, and beyond that, to an effective career-seeking plan that could change the way you look for work forever. Designed for the person who is motivated to change his or her circumstances, to use existing resources to the fullest, and to cultivate new ways to achieve career goals, this quick reference provides tips and thought provoking insights.

Read on to discover:

  • Plenty of resources already exist to tell you how to craft a resume—but do you know why you should have one for each of your highest skill sets?
  • Most experts tell you to network—but do you know why traditional networking does not work and how to do it differently?
  • You are focused on the job you do want—but do you know why applying for a job you do not want might pay off?
  • A job search is lonely work—but do you know how accessing someone else’s mindshare will help you?
  • Your resume looks like hundreds of others out there—how can you market yourself better than any of your competition . . . with a good story?

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