Rainbow’s 2022 Human Impact Fundraiser

We could not have done it without you in 2020 or 2021, nor can we reach those in need without you in 2022.


Your generosity means the world to us and, more importantly, to those our organization’s mission is structured to serve. The support from our sponsors helped raise a grand total of $251,500 in 2020. Followed by our most successful fundraising year in 2021 when we raised $478,892 in human impact dollars.


As the number of those we are serving grows, so does the need for financial support. This year, we are asking for your support in raising $500,000. The supportive funding will help us establish Rainbow Food Banks across the country, expand our technology-based programming focused on education, employment, financial literacy, physical and mental health wellness initiatives, youth enrichment programming, and sustainable life skills to over 40,000 individuals and families.


Thank you, again, for everything. We hope you will find an opportunity to share in our efforts to raise the necessary funding to empower social and economic world change by supporting our Human Impact 2022 Fundraiser.


Please click here to access the sponsor packet.


Thank you for your continued support.




Flynann Janisse, Executive Director