Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation Triumphant in Stand Against Eviction

Communities are now shielded and protected, thanks to much needed financial support to lift lives across the country


November 28, 2021 –  Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow), a national nonprofit organization providing award-winning services for low-income housing tenants, will continue “Lifting Lives”.  This announcement comes shortly after successfully securing $503,683.66, to provide aid to those in danger of eviction and homelessness.


“Our Resident Services Coordinators collaborated across the country to secure substantial rental assistance funds thus preventing the eviction of low-income housing residents who could not afford to pay.  Housing sustainability is critical in our efforts to assist low-income residents on the path to self-sufficiency. This secured amount will bolster those most vulnerable to wrap-around supportive services which uplift the lives of those living in rental housing communities,” said Flynann Janisse, Executive Director of Rainbow.


“This is a national effort. Everybody is trying to find money and resources to prevent eviction. What we do is provide programs and services which support eviction prevention, so individuals and families can have sustainable housing. There are many similar organizations which are doing it, and anyone who has access to rent relief is capturing those funds to prevent evictions. Those funds come from county, city, state, and in some cases, private resources. Although, many times it is difficult to navigate the administrative process, everyone is pitching in to make it possible,” added Janisse.


Motivated, focused and willing, Rainbow was also able to create enhanced and improved pathways to collaborate and connect their services to residents, while engaging with greater empathy, and providing immediate, life-sustaining supportive services. This support also allows Rainbow to prove its resilience amid some of the most trying times.


“People are coming together to support the community. We all want to continue moving our society forward and be able to provide educational opportunities, develop employment pathways, increase the livable wage, assist with financial literacy, place a focus on physical and mental health wellness initiatives, and last but not least, come together with youth enrichment programs and sustainable life skills courses which will benefit all,” said Janisse.


This much-needed financial aid now allows Rainbow to further our focus on housing stability through eviction prevention. It is incredible what can happen when all humans work collectively lifting lives.


“Together we are moving our society forward. Successfully securing rental assistance goes directly to the property management firms where the resident has a need and it is paid directly to avoid eviction. We are here to aid in the process for the benefit of all and most importantly those we collectively serve.” Janisse concluded.


As of today, Rainbow supports 156 communities and 22,717 units across the United States. Because it provides quality resident services, the nonprofit organization is recognized as a Certified Organization for Resident Engagement & Services (CORES) as a third-party service provider. The certification is one of the requirements for property owners to qualify for Fannie Mae Healthy Housing Rewards – Enhanced Resident Services financing incentives.


To learn more about Rainbow, please visit us at: https://rainbowhousing.org/


About Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation

Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow) is a nonprofit organization, which provides service-enriched housing programs for residents of rental housing communities throughout the country. With award-winning services available throughout the United States, Rainbow seeks to create and preserve quality, affordable housing for families and individuals of diverse ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds.


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