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The change in this young lady is remarkable...

Little Miss Zanya Wrice has faced many challenges in her nine years of life. At a young age, she was diagnosed with both ADD and ADHD making school and socializing with her peers very difficult. Rather than play with her foster sister or other youth in the community, Zanya would hide herself away in her apartment. Seeing how sad was her daughter, Zanya’s foster mother reached out to the Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) to inquire about Rainbow’s Youth Enrichment Program.

Upon joining the Youth Enrichment Program, Zanya was very shy and would hide her smile from the staff and other participants. However, the RSC was slowly seeing improvement through their daily interactions during the summer break from school. The Rainbow team offered Zanya heavy encouragement by giving her opportunities to shine. The Rainbow team also offered a steady stream of vocal encouragement letting her know how she is intelligent and beautiful.

Once the summer break from school was over and Zanya was in her classes, the school took an immediate notice of the behavioral changes in Zanya. She was interacting more with her peers and teachers. After the first semester was completed, Zanya came running into the resident services center with her report card. She received all A’s and S’s (Satisfactory) and was beaming.

Now, each day after school Zanya comes into the resident services center as a volunteer. She reads to the younger Youth Enrichment Program participants as well as helping them with their homework. She is also very helpful to the Rainbow staff with anything they may need. The change in this young lady is remarkable and we know Zanya will continue on her path to success and not allow any disabilities to stand in her way.