Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow) builds coalitions, supplementing programs with expertise from local business leaders, state and federal compliance groups, medical personnel, charitable organizations, and law enforcement resources. These programs directly correlate to tangible financial benefits, improving the asset’s performance. Resident Services Coordinators internalize features that residents want and need from the asset, encouraging long-term resident retention.

At Rainbow, our programs and services focus on the individual, helping the residents we serve to achieve a realistic path to self-sufficiency. By teaching life skills and promoting financial literacy, those influenced by Rainbow live happy, healthy, productive lives.

Resident Programs

Rainbow’s programs provide residents with the ability to become self-sufficient, long-term, contributing members of the community in which they live. Programs include:

  • Job readiness
  • Community building
  • Personal development
  • Technology instruction and education
  • Health and nutrition
  • Youth enrichment programs
  • Financial resource management

What Residents Say about Rainbow

Before the Rainbow Youth Enrichment Program, it was difficult for me to read English. During the program, I improved three reading levels. I now volunteer to read at story time.”

Andrew Franco, Resident at Caswyck Trail

I want to show my appreciation in writing to Rainbow Housing for helping me and my kids in our time of need. We are truly grateful for the assistance. Thank you so much!”

Jimmie Blackshear, Resident at Emerald Bay

Rainbow and the MM2E program has without a doubt changed my life for the better. Since participating in the program, I obtained my GED,  got my driver’s license, got a job as a Fire Watch for a large contractor, and opened up my first bank account. Thank you, Rainbow!”

Mr. Santana, Resident at Shadow Ridge

One year ago, I was living in a homeless shelter. After I moved into Seven Courts, I began participating in the Rainbow ROI f (actually Women Empowerment and Jobs Training) program.  I’m proud to say, because of these trainings, I am now a Certified Peer Specialist helping people with mental and behavioral challenges; with this happening, I am now on my way to fulfilling my destiny, and couldn’t have done it without Rainbow.”

Rikkila Christian, Resident at Seven Courts

Resident Spotlight

Joshua Washington

Joshua Washington is 11 years old and in the spring of 2013 in 5th grade, during the STAR testing, he scored a 90% in math, reading, and science. To him, the testing was “easy”, though previously he barely passed previous grades and had to attend summer school. During the academic year, he attended the afterschool program and with the guidance from a Rainbow Resident Services Coordinator, he excelled in 5th grade and is doing well in 6th grade.

Albertina Newbins

Albertina Newbins knows too well the adversity that comes with managing her expenses on a fixed income. Upon move-in, Ms. Newbins made an appointment with Rainbow to discuss a high-priority list of several items that needed to be addressed right away. These concerns ranged from the need of an at-home medical bed, getting replacement dentures, securing daily meal assistance, and obtaining resources to supplement her income. Rainbow was successful in addressing each need in a timely manner and she recently stated that, “I had no one else to help me; I don’t know what I would have done, if you weren’t here.”

Paulina Quesada

Rainbow Housing annually distributes scholarships to residents which go toward college, trade school, or technical education. Paulina was one of many recipients in 2015.

“For myself, saying thank you to Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation is imperative and necessary. I express this with deep gratitude. It is saying thank you for believing in me, investing in me. Enabling me to grown and learn to reach my full potential. I feel that all of you saw something in me that set me apart from others. For one reason or another you have decide to put your faith in me and I am truly grateful and humbled by the divine favor that I have been given. Therefore, once again, thank you for your generosity and support in my pursuit of an education. I am determined to work with a spirit of excellence as I continue to give back into the community, as a pastor.”